Approximately 2,000 years ago, Jesus came from heaven to earth, by way of a miraculous virgin birth. Around age thirty, he selected twelve disciples and began a public ministry that lasted approximately three and a half years. During his time on earth, Jesus lived an entirely sinless life. He preached repentance, the 10 Commandments, righteousness and claimed to be the one and only way to eternal life. He taught people to be merciful, worked miracles, cast out demons, and raised the dead. By his birth, words, actions, and the dozens of prophecies he fulfilled, Jesus proved himself to be the Son of God, the promised Messiah, the Christ, God in the flesh. Being both man and God, Jesus felt hunger and pain, and yet, he could perform miracles to make hunger and pain go away. Jesus received praise from individuals and crowds. He also received insults, harsh resistance, and experienced the sting of betrayal. Jesus claimed to be completely united with his Father (the God of the 10 Commandments), and at one point he said to one of his disciples, “Anyone who has seen me has seen the Father.” Jesus came to the earth in obedience to his Father, to preach repentance and holiness, and to set the record straight on some issues that needed clarification. Jesus also came to declare a new dispensation of mercy and grace (turn the other cheek instead of ‘eye for eye — tooth for tooth’). He came to the earth to make disciples, and to warn people about various things (including the consequence of sin, the danger of following other shepherds, Antichrist, and some future events). Jesus also came to show God’s love for humankind and die on a cross. While on earth, some people accepted Jesus as their Lord and Savior, others rejected him, while others accepted him and then later rejected him. Jesus’ harshest enemies hated and condemned him and, seemingly labeled him a liar and imposter. Jesus predicted his betrayal, predicted his murder, and predicted his resurrection. Jesus was anointed for burial, and he willingly died on a cross, shed his pure and sinless blood, and became the atoning sacrifice that cleanses repentant sinners and reconciles them to God. After his resurrection, Jesus showed his nail-scarred hands to his disciples and worked further miracles. He visited with his disciples intermittently, over a forty day period, where he fellowshipped with them, instructed them, and received their praise. Before ascending back to heaven, Jesus commissioned his disciples to spread his Gospel and make new disciples for him (not disciples for themselves, or any other person, system, or denomination) which synched with his previous prediction of his Gospel message spreading completely around the earth. Today, Jesus lives in physical form in heaven, right now. And, he is upon the earth through his Holy Spirit, right now (the Holy Spirit is the Spirit of God, who convicts humans of their sin, draws people to repentance and performs other good works). Before Jesus ascended back to heaven, he predicted his return to the earth (he will return in bodily form, from the sky), which will take place on Judgement Day. On that day, Jesus will judge the living and the dead, give rewards to his faithful sheep and execute penalties towards his enemies. This current time we are now living is a period where each one of us has the opportunity to repent (to God) or continue in sin. It is also an opportunity for billions of us to receive Jesus, or reject him. Jesus is alive today. He loves all people (including his enemies). And, he desires to cleanse all people and bring us into fellowship with him and his Father. He has extended an open invitation to everyone, and anyone can follow him if they want to (following a pastor, priest, pope, guru, bishop, or celebrity does not qualify as following Jesus, as Jesus desires for his disciples to follow him directly and exclusively). If you would like to meet Jesus (the Son of God) and make peace with him, kneel down and pray to him. Repent and ask him to forgive you. Confess your sins to him, and ask him to cleanse you. Ask him to be your personal Lord, Savior, and God. Then renounce your ties to all other gods, goddesses, deities, idols, and begin following Jesus.